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Does the Material of a Sports Bra Online Suit Your Workout Needs

The clothing, accessories, and shoes that are specifically designed for sports purposes are broadly termed as sportswear. These items have specific functions to suit the particular game they are used for. Sportswear includes wetsuits, polo shirts, leotards and sports bras.
Ideal sportswear would invariably lend comfort along with tenability. It should also have thermal properties and the exact fabric weight as per the demands of a particular sport. Some sports demand stretchable material like spandex while others demand clothes with thermal qualities. Some games demand sportswear with water resistant qualities.

The most common fabrics used in sportswear for women

Wearing the right material of sportswear absorbs sweat efficiently and improves your efficiency in the game. The most common materials used in sportswear for women are discussed below.

(i) Spandex

The most commonly used material in sportswear is Spandex which has a brand name Lycra. Most varieties of sports bra online come in this material. This fabric can expand several times its original size.

This material provides unrestricted freedom of movement. It is breathable, absorbs moisture and dries quickly. The material also provides reduced chaffing and utmost comfort. The material also has antibacterial properties. These features make it apt for high-intensity sports.

(ii) Nylon

Nylon is a synthetic fabric that is commonly found in all kinds of sportswear for women. This material is moisture resistant and dries very fast. The fabric transports the sweat from your skin to the surface of the material from where the sweat evaporates.

The fabric is breathable and hence used for workouts where a person is likely to sweat a lot. It has excellent stretch and recovery properties and hence it is widely used in most brands of sportswear.

(iii) Polyester

When you buy sportswear for women online, polyester is the most common name you might see on the label. It is nothing but a plastic cloth that is lightweight and breathable. It has high durability, and it is wrinkle resistant.

The material’s non-absorbent properties let the moisture evaporate from your skin rather than getting absorbed. The material is UV resistant and has insulation properties when it is wet. However, since the material is synthetic, it is susceptible to the growth of bacteria.

(iv) Polypropylene

This material is also based out of plastic. It is completely water resistant. After a sweaty workout, you will notice that the interiors of the fabric are dry.  
Therefore, it serves great as a base layer. Like polyester, it pushes the sweat to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates

Apart from the above mentioned the most commonly used high-performance fibres are:
·         Aramid
·         Ultra high tenacity polyethylene fibres
·         Polyphenylene sulphide
·         Novoloid
·         Polyetheretherketone

When picking the right material of sportswear, women must choose based on the weather condition, and the intensity of the workout and the kind of movements the sports would demand.

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