Sunday, 16 April 2017

Athletic Shoes: Running To Win

You need a pair of shoes, to run cross country or jump hurdles or even to relay a baton. And not just any pair, only the best...
It’s been part of the Olympics since it first started. Hercules himself was a champion in athletics. But I’m sure even he would have appreciated a great pair of sneakers to run in!

Those gold shoes
I’m sure you remember it, those beauties Usain Bolt zipped past in to claim the Olympic gold. That was probably one of the defining moments in the history of Athletic shoes. The world woke up to the importance of a good pair of shoes to run in.

The qualities of a champion shoe
As important as the track and the athlete’s mind set are, shoes also play a defining role in the overall performance. Now the attributes to look for would be...
     Comfort - you might as well run in stilettos if you haven’t ticked this box
     Stability – the foot is a complex structure and the pair you wear needs to help simplify that ( while respecting that fact of course)
     Cushioning – not just to protect it from the track, but also for the appropriate gait
     Lightness – the most important, you can’t be weighed down by the very thing needed to propel you forward
     Design – it should respect your foot dimensions while being an aerodynamic marvel

There are much more, but these are the most basic requirements that you must want from your athletic shoes.

Where to get these
Living in the digital age has its perks. Stay at home and shop for online sports shoes. The benefits are innumerable
     The whole range is accessible at the click of a button
     It’s easy to compare different pairs
     The characteristics of the shoes are enumerated
     There are reviews from people who’ve tried it already
     And it always in stock

The only downside, the size and fit may not be right. But even in the stores, it’s still a choice by trial and error right.

The ones to buy...
New Balance shoes have always been more than just a name brand. With shoes to fit feet any width and length, they’ve been unparalleled.
The naming of the shoes may have changed, but as always the inherent integrity has been maintained.
In actuality, the range has increased to three new lines – Fresh foam, Vazee, and Zante. Each with features modified to suit the athlete.

Spoiled for choice, aren’t we!

So pick the best online sports shoes, lace ’em up and start training. There’s always a new hurdle round the corner for your athletic shoes to cross....

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